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Social Tournaments is a social e-gaming concept where players can join for free and participate in slot tournaments to win real, tangible rewards. That’s right! It costs absolutely nothing to join and you have a chance to win some extra pocket money, and we’re not talking about spare change, but a monthly prize pool of over 20.000 €.
The website has been around for about 6 months so it can’t really be said that it is, strictly speaking, brand new, although more people who enjoy playing slot machines should know about it. However, the reason we’re talking about it now is that the nice people at Social Tournaments are getting ready to unveil the next phase of their project, aptly named “Social Pass Season 1”. Let’s see what that is.
November 12 – Save the Date
Starting on November 12, Social Tournaments will be adding a huge slice of freshly baked content and a bunch of new features. The most important of these new features is the reward chest system; by participating in tournaments, completing challenges and leveling up (more about these later) player will earn chests with different rewards. Right now, rewards consist of player avatars used to customize your profile, but more are planned along the way, both cosmetics and customization options as well as items that can affect your gameplay or real-life rewards.
The avatars themselves are distributed among 4 levels of rarity with different drop rates, a concept that will be instantly familiar to gamers. Players will be able to exchange a bunch of lower rarity avatars for one of the rarer ones and then use their favorite as their own personal icon on the website.
The way reward chests are earned is tied to the new challenge system. Players will receive new challenges every day, week or month with a wide range of requirements, from “Rank among the top 50% in a tournament” to “Don’t miss any John Hunter tournaments for 1 week”. Completing a challenge rewards the player with points, increasing their Social Pass ranking – each rank unlocks a new chest of a certain rarity, with its own drop rates. There are 30 ranks per season, but don’t think you’ll be limited to 30 reward chests until the next season drops; you’ll have multiple chances to win more along the way as rewards for certain challenges, events and promotions.
Putting the “Social” in “Social Tournaments
What’s the use of having avatars and profile customization options if other players won’t know how cool you are? Of course, they thought of that and want to really capitalize on the “bragging rights” aspect of belonging to an online community. The November update will also be unveiling the new chat function, similar in nature to that found on Twitch. No longer will the act of participating in a social tournament be a fundamentally lonely experience – brag about your huge multiplier, taunt your opponents (just remember that chat will be monitored and bans are a thing), discuss the latest slot game on the website or simply share your favorite deep-friend Pepe the Frog meme.
Leaps in the Right Direction
This is a sneak peak of what the team behind Social Tournaments has in store for the next content update, set to roll out on November 12. There’s a whole lot more in store for fans, and this bundle of features is just a first step, a foundation on which more and more features can be build, added and refined. The Social Tournaments team has huge plans for the website, but so far they are playing their cards close to their chests. They are excited about the direction the project is going, and frankly we’re excited too. Are you?


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